Residential Backup Generators


Hoover Electrical LLC installs residential backup generators to protect and give homeowners peace of mind in and around the Greater Boston area. A backup generator run on natural gas or propane and sits outside your home like a central air conditioning unit. It delivers power directly to your electrical system and can back up your entire home or just the most essential items.

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Why Install Generac Backup Generators

Losing power for an extensive period of time can be frustrating and even dangerous if you have young children, elderly, or anyone who is sick in your home. No one, regardless of age or health, wants to be uncomfortable in their own home. Residential backup generators start and stop automatically, don’t require refueling, and ensure that your home maintains power during storms or other electrical issues that can cause an outage.

Our team is certified by Generac to install and repair backup generators. Call today to request an estimate 978-737-3333.

Residential Backup Generators

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Residential Backup Generators
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